Several years ago, one of my close friends got married. Her journey preparing for her big day was not easy. All sorts of doubts and insecurities emerged. The “am I not good enough” questions and the body image remarks to herself, kept playing in her head. She let her dramatic-self to buy into other people’s rubbish on several occasions leading up to the wedding.

I am sure that I am no stranger to self-rejection and self-criticism. They are wounds inflicted upon me by the unconscious world. I let myself be swallowed by the ‘energy field’ that was not part of my Divine soul. It can be depressing.

Acceptance is key. In my friend’s case she found a man that accepts her for who she is.  He accepts her flabby bits as well as her charming personality. He accepts her ‘flipping-out’ moments as well as her generous heart to all living human-beings. He loves her unconditionally.

Sometimes we buy into our partner’s crappy energy that is simply not them. Can we look into their eyes and see through the difficult ‘shop-fronts’ they present to us during the ‘flipping-out’ moments, for who they really are? All of us are a lovable and much-loved child of God or the Universe.

The day after the wedding, my husband, daughter (back then she was a baby) and myself went to the cinema and watched a movie. Towards the end of the movie, bub fall asleep. She was so beautiful and peaceful I could not stop kissing her. Yes! These are the gifts of life for me!

The husband who loves me for who I am. A healthy and happy baby. A chance to see a beautiful movie, even though at times we were interrupted by the baby crying. God or the Universe is constantly showering us with gifts.

The problem arises when so many of these go unnoticed and therefore unaccepted. By counting our blessings, day after day, highly likely we will not miss any or take them for granted. Valentine’s Day can be a good opportunity to consider your relationship and ensure that you are not taking your partner for granted. You can try to avoid the commercialism by having a unique date/experience with them.It was lovely to hear my friend’s speech at her wedding. She truly acknowledged and counted her blessings. Her gifts. Life transitions may be tough at times. But once we get the gold, it is definitely worth waiting for!

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Keep well & lots of love,

Ingrid Galloway
Relationship Coach & Chief Relaxation Officer