Living as a business Mum has become increasingly popular for the past decade. One income household is simply no longer viable for most. One of the ways of living meaningfully and still earning an income, is by being an entrepreneur. Have your own business selling or doing something that you love. In business, knowing your numbers is important, but why? What are the top tips on the easiest ways to deal with your numbers when you are not a fan? If you are a new Boss Mummas just starting in her business journey, you are going to love the tips we share in this podcast!

Watch/listen to Episode 69 of Relaxed and Raunchy Relationships Podcast, with my awesome guest Daniella Murphy, founder of DC Bookkeeping and Boss Mummas, to find out your answers. Don’t forget to HAVE FUN with us along the way! ???

Keep well & lots of love,

Ingrid Galloway
Relationship Coach & Chief Relaxation Officer

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