The Resources page was created to provide collaboration opportunities and industry expert recommendations in my network. They can offer the community and general public optimal value by leveraging their experience, expert opinions and reliable information. I’ve also included and highlighted testimonials and reviews for my services—both spa therapy and relationship coaching—on this page.

Ange Dion

Public Speaker, Mentor, Consultant,
Angie Dion Consulting

“Also known as the Queen of Safety – I’m a speaker & a consultant helping business owners take the pain out of safety compliance and management by: Empowering Teams; Coaching & Mentoring; and Public Speaking about safety.

Connect with Ange:
0411 323 985

Diane Klem-Goode

Founder & Financial Coach,
Goode Property Group

I partner with busy professionals to alleviate financial stress and disharmony by working on their mindset and property investing via buyers agency service, mindset & wealth coaching, mentoring and residential and commercial property courses.

Connect with Diane:
0431 200 596


Lana Kanchik

Personal Travel & Cruise Manager,
Travel Managers

“Providing unlimited support and availability for my clients in case of emergency and ability to sort out the most complicated situation with the best possible outcome.

Connect with Lana:
 0410 699 855

Anne McKeown

Mindset Coach,
2Mpower Coaching

“I empower women to step up, speak up and show up with confidence personally and professionally. I incorporate NLP techniques to help shift the psychological barriers that hold other women back, so they can enjoy more success and happiness.

Connect with Anne:
0449 571 974

Samantha Sawaya

Property Investment Strategist,
Vega Property Emporium

“I’m passionate about helping people get into their first home and helping people build a successful property portfolio to create wealth.

Connect with Samantha:
0401 217 214

Carmel Catanuto

Gestalt Therapist, Counsellor,
Art Therapist,
Carmel Catanuto Psychotherapy

“I’m a psychotherapist. I work with the heart and provide practical and creative strategies for stressed-out career women and men. 

In addition, I’m also a trained Gestalt and Art therapist. I help clients move from feeling stuck to re-discovering creativity and their aliveness.

Connect with Carmel:
0409 690 701

Debbie Barker

International Relaxation Specialist and Reiki Master

“I offer 30, 45, or 60 minute relaxing remote Reiki/Energy sessions. You’ll feel like you’ve had a massage, except I don’t touch you, your clothes are still on, and there are no oils.

Connect with Debbie:
+1 678-982-1590

Irena Geller

Food & Mood Coach,

Emotional Eating Freedom 

“Have you tried every diet you can think of and lost confidence in yourself that you can be successful?

I help 40+ women who are emotionally eating and struggling with the self-belief to take control and create a healthier mindset and eating habits, so they can finally lose weight and feel confident.

Book a good-fit coaching session with me to see if we can work together.

Connect with Irena:
+61 419779933

Serina Bird

Chief Frugalista,
The Joyful Frugalista

“Sharing a teabag with my husband rather than buying take-away coffee ?

But seriously, I’m best known for making saving money fun and showing how it is possible to go through bad financial times, rebuild and still retire early.

Connect with Serina:
0478 417 308

…to add more soon!