On Sunday, I began the reset button for myself, for this Relationship Coach and Chief Relaxation Officer.

It is really poignant that last week we had R U OK DAY. Naturally, I asked others R U OK? But when I really asked myself and be brutally honest, I am NOT 100% OK. Having awareness of this state of mental and physical being, it takes years of practice. Once I am aware, then I can take action to either PAUSE or keep burning my candle from both ends.

It is my choice.

And today, I choose to PAUSE. I will make 3 small changes to my physical well-being (therefore my brain will not get overwhelmed and the changes will stick), reduce my addiction to my mobile phone (this is my downfall, definitely, and I believe it is not uncommon), and focus on my Retreat homework (you know how much I want to offer Virtual and On-Location Retreats to my clients, right?). AND take TWO days off (I don’t normally get days off as a business owner and a Mum).

On Day 1, I was channelling some love for my dead plants. They needed some love. Just as I am. I repotted them, threw out dead-old-super dry plants & soil, added new soil and lots of water. Hubby helped to clean the floor full of dust and dirt. My zen zone was back on board and by Day 3, I managed to enjoy breakfast again in my zen zone that is my porch. “Ahhh…,” said my soul. This is good…

On Day 2, I did my morning reflection and realised that part of the reason I haven’t been feeling myself was due to LACK of SLEEP. I am already a very light sleeper from a young age PLUS for a while now, our 5 y.o. loves jumping into our bed in the middle of the night. If you are 5, of course, you want to feel safe and comfortable. The downside is, Mummy’s sleep is continuously disturbed.

Spring has sprung!

However, as much as I love this season, because the weather is beautiful and the flowers bring joy, it triggers my sinus passage to KILL me, in the means of SEVERE Hayfever. So, there you go, almost no sleep because my body wakes itself up every 5-15 minutes to keep me from dying, as I can’t breathe through my nose. It’s not too much to wish for a good night sleep, is it? I stick to one coffee per day to help relax my nervous system this week. I am not thinking far ahead but setting the intention for 7 days starting last Sunday, with gentle actions to increase my well-being. And in the long run to sweeten and deepen my relationship with my husband. It is not easy looking after a partner that is a bit mental, trust me. Andy has been very patient with me, bless his cotton socks, but patience can run dry if I don’t take action myself.

Is it time for you to hit your reset button?

It is OK not to be OK. For a moment. I am only human. You are only human. Ask for help. Book a chat with me to find out if we are a good match to work with each other. Don’t you think it’s about time that you focus on clearing your mental-emotional-physical baggage, so you can love yourself again and feel confident to reach your goals whatever that maybe? You have been prioritising others for a long time. Now it’s your time. Because you’re worth it.