Some of you probably know that apart from being a Relationship Coach, I am also an experienced Spa Therapist. Sometime ago, I had a client who came for a facial. During the cleansing routine, I felt there was a lot of congestion underneath the skin. During the skin analysis time, especially under a magnifying lamp, I could see a beautiful face full of whiteheads, some blackheads and pimples. Through our conversation regarding her lifestyle, I could understand why she is having congestion on certain parts of her face which relates to her digestion (due to the not-so-healthy diet) and adrenal stress. However, the problem was not only sectional, but it was all over the face and half the neck. I believe it’s not just because of the years of using thick make-up, not just because of her love of junk food and possible dairy intolerance, but also because of not expressing herself. She was in a very toxic work environment where she was bullied by her boss.

Everyone has an emotional baggage. The skin that we see or other physical ailments that we feel is not just skin deep. According to Louise Hay’s book “You Can Heal Your Life”, these conditions can be directly linked to emotional causes. For example, if your problem is whiteheads, then your probable cause is hiding ugliness. You can change your thought pattern by saying this affirmation “I accept myself as beautiful and loved” DAILY. If your problem is blackheads and pimples, then your probable cause is small outbursts of anger. You can change your thought pattern by saying this affirmation “I calm my thoughts and I am serene” DAILY.

A combination of healthy diet, skin care products and treatments that are safe, make-up (if you use it) that doesn’t clog the pores and affirmations to change self-criticism or to let go of the past resentment, is a recipe for your inner and outer beauty.

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