Traditionally, February is the wedding season, as many couples would like to get married to coincide with Valentine’s Day. It amazes me that some couple can plan for the big day one to two years in advance. The dress, suit, venue, styling, ring, food, etc. For ONE DAY. Don’t get me wrong, it is important to plan those things as it is a major life changing event. But what about the rest of the marriage?

If you are a woman, do you know how your man thinks? What drives men (generally speaking), no matter if he is a CEO or a con (or both), is who he is, what he does and how much he makes. Until he achieves his goals in these three areas, he will be too busy to focus on you. It is not uncommon that women after some time together, start complaining that their partners do not have time for them. Have you discussed how to prevent this before jumping ship? Oh, and please remember: he needs his ‘cookie’. Give him his ‘cookie’. If the sick child that made you not sleep for a week has been healthy for a month and you keep coming up with excuses and not give him the cookie, it is going to be a problem.

If you are a man, do you know what is your lover’s primary love language? If she likes to be touched, do you know that not all touches are created equal? Have you been listening to her? She knows best what she perceives as a loving touch. She may find some touches uncomfortable or irritating. If she cries, to her nothing is more important than your understanding and a big bear hug, but you just can’t resist to give her more Manolo Blahniks (if you’ve never watched Sex In The City before, it is a brand of high-heeled expensive shoes), even though you noticed she goes barefooted everywhere she can.

In our Couple Powerhouse Package, you will learn how to massage each other for relaxation and intimacy (in the clinic we are strictly professional), you will be given a Love Bag to support the ambience you need to create in your own space, then we will discuss things that will inspire your relationship in the couple’s coaching sessions. The package consists of 3 sessions. This package will be perfect as a Wedding gift, Valentine’s gift or an Anniversary gift, as it will help strengthen your relationship. To book or to ask questions, please call 0413-161616.

Another way to set your inspirational relationship together, you may come to our upcoming RELAX DREAM CREATE workshop on Saturday 8th June 2019.