Meet Wendy Jones, the ‘Candle Lady’ as she calls herself, from Partylite. She hasn’t always been this lucky in her working life. Feels she was stuck in a rut until she needed a 3rd job to pay her vet bill… and the rest is history. 

She has suffered from mental health issues in her life and was diagnosed with bipolar 7 years ago. She now sees it as a quirk to her personality and turns it into a positive.

She is lucky enough to run a successful business and gets to travel the world for free – one of the perks of the job! Her ‘why’ is that she is able to spend more time with her beloved family and ‘fur babies’ and can work a full time income in part time hours.

Even though you may have mental health issues, you can join one of our Relax Dream Create workshops and you will not be judged. You will be given a space to relax and heal.

It is also possible to have a loving intimate relationship (as Wendy has with her husband).

If you need help with one on one coaching, you can contact myself (Ingrid Galloway) on 0413-161616.