Understanding your partner and creating resiliency in your relationship

When the lockdowns occurred, one might think it will help in “restoring the intimacy” of couples… HOWEVER, what actually happened to marriages is FAR from that ?.

Due to the (almost) seemingly endless lockdown extensions happening, separations, unwarranted arguments, and other relationship problems got to most couples – especially those who live with their families.

One of the most notorious reasons for this quandary is “miscommunication”. ?️

It’s those times when husbands in the households get frustrated because they can’t seem to get what their wives want… ?? OR those moments when the wives get weary of having been misunderstood by their partners… ?⛈

So to help couples make amends and learn how to communicate more effectively and lovingly, I’m going to hold a free online webinar called ✨”WHAT WOMEN REALLY WANT, The Secret To A Loving Relationship“✨

Through this 45-minute fun talk, relaxing guided mediation, massage lesson, and other bonus surprises, solve the long-running differences and confusion in your relationship and bring back the loving atmosphere at your home. ☀?☁

(FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE: https://fb.me/e/1z35fK9JG)

DATE: Friday 30th July
TIME: 8:00-8:45 PM
PLACE: ONLINE (via Zoom, Ingrid will provide the link after you register)

e-See you there!