For years, I’ve been creating my vision boards (and hosting vision board workshops) with different pictures, different short-term goals, but the same highest values and dreams. My big dream is to have a couple’s retreat, day spa, and family home in one ONE DAY. I have said this to a lot of people for so many years but nothing has happened. I lost everything material through a divorce, and until recently, I was living day-by-day. Honestly, I was worried that “ONE DAY” is never going to happen.

  Recently, a very loyal client of mine asked how I was and I said “Very good!” In our conversation, I realized that I’ve come so far and have manifested so much in my vision boards to date.   I wanted to have highly stressed executives as my clients. ✅ I wanted to have my own products. ✅ I wanted to find a new husband. ✅ I wanted to have 2 kids. ✅ I wanted to have a team working for me. ✅ I wanted to have more experience than stuff. ✅ (I wanted more but Covid prevented me for now). I wanted to able to control my emotions. ✅ I wanted to speak on events to inspire people. ✅ I wanted to fill my cup (with learnings and joy, so I can fill other people’s cups). ✅ I wanted to have yummy food. ✅ I wanted to have more opportunities. ✅ I wanted “MY ROCK” (husband) to always be there, to help me through the tough times. ✅ I wanted to reduce my debt and have more money. ✅   I was fully booked with massage clients. Often I worked until before MIDNIGHT, leaving my husband and kids behind. My work is my highest value. I love what I do, but it’s breaking my body. I have been saying to others that I’m blessed to be doing what I absolutely love, but ideally, I want more coaching clients and only requested massage clients. It’s a CLEAR message to the universe.   Guess what?!! Covid came along and wiped out 4 of my Aunties, I was banned from touching others (for a moment) and all of my corporate clients canceled. So, be careful what you wish for. It may truly come true!   But then I found support in my Facebook Coach to learn marketing from, my VA to do the stuff I don’t want to do, my new Brain Trainers to do inner work with, my new Retreat Trainers to learn how to create retreats from, my new friend offered to hire her house for a retreat venue. And hallelujah for the Australian Government! (Thank you for your support!)   I am grateful for the blessing of TIME due to Covid, so I can actually study, instead of being too busy working my butt off! My brain has the concentration span of Dori ? (go watch: Finding Nemo), but that’s ok. Now, I am clear of who my ideal clients are. That clarity took some time to discover. I learnt that we need to be very specific in our messaging to be effective.   I’m not there yet (the big dream) but right now I have this feeling/energy of joy and ease, and inner knowing that it is coming. I guess I am slow compared to some other high achievers out there, but that’s ok. Slow and steady wins the race. I have done some ACTION to manifest my ✅✅ list above.   A message to myself: “Ingrid, start connecting with your inner-self. Accept your inner child with all of the excitement of her dreams. Let go of pressures from others as this is not their journey. It’s your journey. Stop worrying about how things are going to work out, just trust that they will.”   P.S. If you want to join my upcoming vision board workshop, register here today: