During my moments of reflection, I remember that I was diagnosed by a Psychiatrist that I was highly stressed and had medium level of depression (from an abusive relationship with my first husband, pre and post-natal depression with my second baby and experienced bullying from an ex-employer). 

I am glad that I am no longer depressed (after working on my self-healing journey), however, still finding it challenging to relax and focus on a particular task. The fact that my specialty at work is to make people relax, shows that this thing called stress, affects everybody regardless of what you do or what you know. I think I need my own medicine!

I always encourage my clients, family and friends to communicate their feelings and situation to their closest people, and reach out for professional help. This time, I asked my new business friend for help and she recommended decluttering our home with organising my clothes to begin with (using Marie Kondo’s system, you can YouTube this), then move onto other things around the house and eventually to declutter our business by creating a system that suits us.

We have A LOT OF STUFF in our home that is sitting idle collecting dust and growing weeds in our mind. Our home is meant to be our haven, a place we can drop our guard and feel at ease and free to be ourselves. Over time, we don’t realize that we accumulated so much, especially with having two kids. We have papers everywhere, phone chargers scattered in the house (honestly, how many chargers does someone need?!), toys (with every kid’s birthday, our house is guaranteed to become slightly fuller). All of the above creates plenty of distraction and stress.

Let it go… Let it go… (I have the popular Frozen movie soundtrack playing in my head). I am letting go of a lot of stuff in our house, making our home the source of inspiration so I can do my inspired actions.

Let it go… Let it go…. I am letting go of distraction and stress, replacing them with colours, photos, living plants, candles, music, friendship, and intimacy that represents my nature and the energy I desire to have in our home.

Let it go… Let it go… I am letting go of my fear of being judged by others for opening up about my condition. So what. I am not perfect, but I am magnificent just the way I am.

Just let it go.

To help you detox your home, please find a decluttering expert. We recommend Margot Krekeler from Let Go Move On, www.letgo-moveon.com.au

To help you detox your mind and soul, come to Kahyangan’s Relax Dream Create workshop. Make it your mini Mum-cation or Dad-cation, away from the source of your stress: your family, and strengthen your relationship with the most important person: YOU. And if you are not a parent but feeling stressed and lacking clarity and focus about the future you want, this workshop is for you.