Some of you would probably know that what we do at Kahyangan is Relationship Coaching and Spa Therapy. One of the most popular services of the latter part is our package of Corporate Chair Massage sessions. Recently, I was one of two therapists hired by a company to provide this service and help make their hard working team, under pressure to implement a new system, more relaxed.

As it happened to be a public holiday, access to the building was very limited, and my contact person from the company had to let me up to their floor using his employee pass when I arrived early.

Unfortunately, the other therapist didn’t have his direct number and found herself having to deal with a very stern security guard who refused to let her in. After I alerted the man to let her in, she arrived in tears, highly flustered. I asked if she was ok, checked in with her as to what had happened, then asked her to take a big breath and gave her a big hug. Eventually she calmed down and delivered a good session for her clients.

She is an experienced healer and has been a therapist for many years. Typically, we expect others in a position of authority, such as this person, to be perfect and to be able to respond to sources of stress in a professional manner. Somehow, we assume such people have the answer to everything, even not to have any faults at all.

In this therapist’s case, she ate something that caused her upset stomach the night before, traffic around where she lived had been surprisingly heavy (probably everyone in her area wanted to go to the beach), and in the end she couldn’t go upstairs to do her job. She feared she would run late for her clients and that her reputation would suffer as a result.

In my eyes, she is only human. Hence I gave her the biggest hug and provided her with the space she needed. Even for a moment.

In our one-on-one coaching sessions and/or our workshops, we allow our clients to BE. We acknowledge the emotional turmoil that may happen during their sessions when they open their heart’s content. Therefore they will feel accepted and know they’re not being judged. However, they will be guided to be true to themselves and supported to manifest the life/relationship they always wanted.

Just remember that everyone you meet is afraid of something, loves something, and has lost something. Please consider this before you react to someone else’s reaction towards you, or a situation around you.

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