How To Create Your New Normal. Relax Dream Create Workshop. 6th & 13th December


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When you become a parent and/or a health care worker, it soon takes over your entire life and, before you realize it, you have put all your other dreams on hold hoping to get to them tomorrow when you’re not so busy. Unfortunately ‘tomorrow’ is not a day of the week, so unless you actually plan to do these things, they will never happen.

Eventually, your kids will leave home, your patients will leave the hospital, and one day you may find yourself regretting having put everything else on hold. Perhaps you always wanted to build wealth or improve your health and fitness? Maybe you wanted to travel and learn to speak a new language, or learn to play a musical instrument?

Learning to balance your life while taking care of your needs is a life skill very few people ever master. Yet it’s a great legacy to pass onto your children. It all begins with a vision of what your life could be like and identifying what is really important to you.


TIME: 8:00 pm – 9:15 pm AEST

What to expect: This will be an informative and transformative experience, creating your own Vision Board and seeing it from the Relationship angle, as well as fun and relaxing.

What you will feel: You will feel heard and understood, a lot less stressed, able to dream without limitation, more creative, and more certain than ever about your life direction and what’s truly important.

Note: We advise blocking another 90 minutes in your schedule on the day of the event in case of overtime.

What you will get:

• A special relaxation session (guided meditation and self-massage lesson) to release you from your stress.
• A safe environment to share your stress triggers and fears that affect your behavior and reaction to your situation.
• A fun and transformational session enabling you to create your own Vision Board to provide you with clarity as to what you actually want in life, and to inspire you daily at home/work.
• Strategies on how to go about establishing the relationship and future you deserve.

What to bring: a glass full of water, an open mind, and an open heart. 


“I enjoyed the workshop and the way the day was curated and presented by Ingrid. For me, it was a positive experience and one that gave us all an opportunity to express ourselves creatively and through sharing.

The development of the vision board was engaging and fun, and the depth of self-discovery upon completion of the board was evident. I loved the massage and guided meditation, both were unexpected and I feel very grateful for receiving them and the lovely gift bag filled with conscious gifts and information.

I fully recommend ‘Relax Dream Create’ as a wholesome and valuable tool for self-development and simply a nice way to spend an afternoon.”

Monique  –  Yoga Teacher  –  Russel Lea

“I attended the Relax Dream Create with Ingrid after experiencing a lot of stress in work and life. During the few hours I spent with Ingrid, I was able to understand the cause of my stress and develop strategies to deal with it. We also created a vision board with one of my visions being the sale of my home (which had been on the market for a very long time). Our house ending up selling a few days later!

With the help of massage and some meditation, I came out of the sessions feeling lighter, happier and less stressed.

Ingrid is an understanding, compassionate person and I highly recommend her.”

Jacqui  –  Family Lawyer & Mum  –  Drummoyne


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