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How does clutter impact our daily lives?

Clutter isn't just about stuff piling up, it's about the chaos it brings into our lives, affecting us mentally, socially, and physically.

Mentally, clutter can mess with our ability to concentrate and get things done. Ever find yourself staring at a messy desk, feeling overwhelmed? It's not just about cleaning up, it's about how our brains handle all that mess.

Socially, clutter can cause tension in relationships. Has anyone ever argued with a roommate or partner about whose turn it is to clean up? It's not just about the mess, it's about how it affects our communication and responsibilities.

Physically and emotionally, clutter makes our spaces feel cramped and stressful. Ever struggled to relax in a cluttered room? It's not just about making things look nice, it's about creating a peaceful environment for ourselves.

So, as we get ready to tackle decluttering in our next group discussion, let's remember it's not just about tossing things out, it's about reclaiming our peace of mind and harmony in our lives.

Tuesday, 4th June 2024
TIME: 7:30PM - 8:30PM AEST
LOCATION:  Austral clinic or Online (via Zoom, Ingrid will give the Zoom link)
SPECIAL ACTIVITY: 15 minutes of decluttering


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