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Are you looking for meaningful friendship and spiritual growth at the same time?

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Ever wondered about the incredible strength that lies in embracing vulnerability? Join our upcoming Connection Circle to explore the transformative power of openness and authenticity. Can sharing our true selves lead to deeper connections and more meaningful relationships? Be part of this judgment-free space, where we'll celebrate the beauty in vulnerability, creating connections beyond the surface.

Discover not only the courage to be yourself but also the threads that weave us into a stronger, more connected community. Ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and genuine human connection?

THEME: "Vulnerability"
Saturday, 9th March 2024
TIME: 10:00AM - 11AM AEDT
LOCATION:  Austral clinic or Online (via Zoom, Ingrid will give the Zoom link)
SPECIAL ACTIVITY: Dance like nobody’s watching.


  • If you are a member of our Create A Meaningful & Loving Relationship group your first visit is FREE - Ask Ingrid for the code.
  • Registration is required to attend this event, and a confirmation email will be sent with a list of necessary items to bring.
  • If you live outside Sydney, in places such as New Zealand, New York, or Canada, we suggest signing up for our Circle event on this date, as the time slot is better suited to your time zone.

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